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This season each assistant coach, coach and manager is required to umpire a minimum of two games this season. The only games we are asking you to umpire is our baseball AA and Softball 10U divisions respectively. There are a total of 45 games and if we each work our two games, we should have a plate and base umpire for each game. 

Umpire equipment is located in the Clubhouse at Woodland. I recommend that plate umpires wear a “cup” as foul balls have their own minds. Leg gear, chest protectors and facemask are available and should be worn.

How to sign up to Umpire?

  1. Log into our website www.cheltenhamlittleleague.com
  2. Navigate to the Umpire Schedule from the “Master Schedule” lab on the left Navigation bar
  3. From this page, you can review the league schedule – see below
  4. Games that need umpires are our Baseball AA and Softball 10U divisions



  1. The games listed above that need Umpires are identified as “Not Assigned”.
  2. Review the schedule and of available games and select game(s) that you are interested and available to work
  3. To select a game(s) assignment, click the dropdown box and select to either to work the “Plate” or “Umpire/Bases”
  4. Selecting “ok” confirms you have accepted that game and assignment
  5. You may toggle through the page(s) to select games for the entire season
  6. If you find a conflict that you need to return a game, please contact me James Smith via email asap.
  7. If you need to reach out to me, please feel free to do so.
  8. Finally, remember we are all volunteers.
  9. If you have any rules questions, feel free to reach out me.

Thanks James

Now let’s play ball!